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I lost my dog, Jack, on a hunting trip in Mississippi and because of the SparkyTags service, he was found within 2 hours! If I didn’t have SparkyTags, I would have lost my hunting companion.

Tom Lewis & Jack
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SparkyTags. The Smart Way To Keep Your Pet Safe.

What is SparkyTags?

SparkyTags is a 24-hour toll free pet identification and recovery service. Pet lovers and rescues across North America are discovering that SparkyTags is the quickest, most reliable way to bring pets home if they stray.

In fact, SparkyTags is the ultimate protection for your pet. The stainless steel ID tag fits comfortably on any collar, and our 24-hour service ensures that you'll be contacted within moments after your pet is reported as found.

Trust SparkyTags to give you peace of mind when it comes to your pets. We'll help bring them home safe and sound.

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