I highly recommend these tags for anyone, and for rescues that are struggling with funds. Often the cost of microchips is not within what a rescue can afford. These tags are a wonderful alternative. I would be happy to answer any questions for anyone or any group considering using these tags.

Michael Myers, President,
Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue

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Real Time Coverage Nationwide and in Canada

What is SparkyTags?

SparkyTags is a 24-hour toll free pet identification and recovery service that helps pet owners and rescues across the nation and in Canada quickly find their pets when they stray. SparkyTags is not associated or affiliated with any other company that says they offer similar services for less, or any companies that claim they are the only providers of this type service.

Is SparkyTags a Microchip?

No. SparkyTags is a durable, stainless steel tag for your pet's collar. The simplicity of this device, when combined with the efforts of dedicated pet lovers, is what makes this service work well.

Why use SparkyTags instead of a Microchip?

There's no comparison between SparkyTags and a microchip, other than the fact they're both used to recover lost pets. The difference lies in the fact that SparkyTags is used as a proven and reliable recovery tool to reunite lost pets and their owners quickly — often within minutes — so they don't end up in a shelter. A microchip is not intended nor designed to be a quick recovery tool, which is why relying on a microchip alone can prove devastating to both owners and their pets. The best plan is to use both a microchip and SparkyTags to ensure the fastest recovery service possible.

How is SparkyTags so quick in recovering lost pets?

Since nearly everyone owns a cell phone, recovery begins with a simple toll free call to our 24-hour data center where a real, live person is standing by to assist you. SparkyTags will establish liaison with the finder, quickly gather their contact information, and then contact you, the owner, so that you may arrange a pick-up at your convenience and discretion. With many microchip services, you may be asked by a machine to leave a message. In some cases, you may be asked to navigate through a number of messages before making your selection. Meanwhile, precious minutes have been wasted.

Here's an example of an actual recovery in Canada:

For privacy reasons all names & contact numbers have been changed.
On 05-22-08 at 4:10 p.m., Finder at 123-456-7890 (Ontario, Canada) called Chelsea (lost dog) in as a stray to the SparkyTags data center for recovery. At 4:12 p.m., SparkyTags contacted Sally's house (owner) and spoke with her son, who was given the finder's contact information. At 4:15, SparkyTags contacted Sally (owner) on her cell phone, giving her the finder's contact information to retrieve her dog. Sally said she'd contact the finder. At 4:18 p.m., SparkyTags contacted John Smith, President of Happy Rescue to provide him with information on the incident.

In as little as 8 minutes, all of the necessary wheels were turning to get this pet and her owner reunited. In fact, SparkyTags is made up of dedicated pet lovers whose own pets wear these tags as well. Please see our Testimonials Page for more recovery stories.

What is the cost for SparkyTags Services?

Our services are rendered for only $29.99 for our LIFE plan, which is a one-time payment that does not need to be renewed.

What is the value of having SparkyTags?

Peace of mind in knowing your pet is around-the-clock. Enjoy.

Are there additional charges if any contact information ever needs to be changed?

No. You may change your contact information as little or as often as you need, all without any additional charges or hidden costs. It is your responsibility to keep all of your contact information current, which will ensure you can be reached if your pet strays. Plus, there's no need to buy another tag if you move or if any of your contact information changes. Just update your information and send it to us and you're done - all free of charge.

Will my contact information be shared with anyone else?

No. We do not share your private information with anyone. (See Terms & Conditions). When a finder calls with a lost dog, SparkyTags gathers that person's contact information to pass on to our pet owners.

Are your transactions secured?

Yes. All financial transactions are handled through a VeriSign© Trusted Secured Site, which is the one of the faster & safer way to pay online without exposing credit card numbers to your merchant. VeriSign© Trusted Secured Site accepts all major credit cards. SparkyTags also accepts Cashier's Checks, Money Orders, and personal checks.

Why must I have a password?

Your password is linked to your private registration. When your password matches, as you make changes to your contact information, it is authenticated as a legitimate entry from you. If we notice unusual inconsistencies, we personally contact you for verification. Therefore, it's important to create a password that only you or those you trust know.

Does SparkyTags store any medical conditions for pets?

Yes. We provide a place for you to provide medical details in our registration process, in case this information will aid in during or after recovery. This not only protects your pet, but also the person who may find your pet.

What other information does SparkyTags store?

We provide you with the opportunity to register the contact information for your pet's veterinarian, the rabies tag number, and even the microchip number — all for free. If your pet is hurt when he or she is found, we can contact the veterinarian, or instruct the finder as to where to take your pet. The more contact information we are given, the greater the chances of reuniting you and your pet quickly. This sets us apart from many other services that exist.

Is SparkyTags for local coverage only?

No. SparkyTags services are currently active nationwide and in Canada. In fact, any country that has access to our toll free recovery services is capable of using the SparkyTags services.

Where can I get more information about SparkyTags?

For more information, contact us by phone at (252) 638-9099 or by email at info@sparkytags.com.

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