APARN uses both AVID microchips and the SparkyTags recovery tags because the recovery tags can be updated to include the foster home's direct contact information. They are also better about staying on the phone with people until contact is made to get the dog home. We have had at least 6 pugs returned home within 10 minutes of getting out due to the SparkyTags. Microchips are an awesome back up for when collars come off, and to prove ownership if it comes into question. Renewal is your choice, of course, but APARN definitely swears by these tags for our foster pugs!

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Simple. Fast. And
Completely Effective.

The SparkyTags system is a fast and effective way to bring your pet home safely. When you sign up, you'll be sent a stainless steel ID tag that fits comfortably on your pet's collar.

To fully protect your pet, simply set up your private profile. Accessible only by you, please use the tag number assigned to you through SparkyTags. Your valuable contact information - such as phone numbers, email and the contact information for your pet's veterinarian - is registered in a private, nationwide database, which makes it possible for our caring professionals to reach you within moments from the time your pet is found.

If your pet strays, anyone who finds him or her is able to use the tag on the collar to identify your pet and call our toll free hotline. Once the call is made, our trained professionals will gather the finder's contact information, and then get in touch with you within moments to reunite you with your pet.

Rest assured that all of your information is kept confidential. SparkyTags does not disclose your personal information to anyone who may find your pet, nor do we publish your contact information on our tags. Your privacy and security are completely protected; all while our trained professionals ensure you are reunited with your pet in minutes.

SparkyTags services are available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year — even if you're traveling and away from home. It's the ultimate peace of mind for keeping your pets protected.

What about microchips?

Microchips are a great means of protection for your pets and we highly recommend it. Still, many pets often go undetected while at shelters, often from the inability to contact the owners or because many shelters don't have a microchip reader. Assuming the use of a microchip as a first line of defense for quick recovery can prove to be devastating for both owners and their pets. A lost pet's best ticket home is the SparkyTags system.

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