Terms and Conditions


For the purposes of this agreement, SparkyTags.com may be referred to as “Company,” “Us,” “We,” or “Our” and the customer purchasing our tags and services and web subscription service is defined as “Customer,” “You” or “Your.”

You agree to all of Our terms and conditions outlined in this document prior to their purchase of our tags and services and web subscription service. By purchasing Our tags and service, You acknowledge that You have read and agree to the following terms and conditions.

Definition of Service

For the purposes of this agreement service is defined as follows.

The maintenance of Customer contact and pet information will be an online database. The maintenance of a call center is for the purpose of receiving reports of lost and or found animals and assisting Customer through all contact phone numbers and email addresses listed in Customer’s account.

Service will begin on the date of a processed completed purchase and subscription with a valid credit card or any other acceptable means of payment by Us and continues for the period of time corresponding to the purchase. Years are defined as 365 days per 1-year service purchased. LIFE is defined as 20 years of your animal’s age. Service will end at the expiration of the service period purchased. After completion of a service period, Our Company has no more obligation or responsibility to provide service of any kind for the Customer.

None of Our service is dependent on a GPS system, microchip; implanted or otherwise or electronic tracking or locating device of any kind.

Ownership of animals

You hereby declare that You are the legal owner of the animals for which our tags and services are being purchased. We will not tolerate nor will be held liable for the purchase of tags and service for animals not owned by You.

Company is Not Responsible for Customer Information

You acknowledge that entering the SparkyTags serial number into Your SparkyTags.com web site account is Your sole responsibility, and not that of the Company. Company will not be responsible for any of the information contained in Your account. We make no promises or warrant the authenticity or accuracy of the information contained in Your account, which you entered. The maintenance of accurate and current information in Your SparkyTags.com web site account is Your sole responsibility. Customer will hold Our company harmless for any lapse in service or access to Customer web site account which may result from any force outside of Our reasonable control or influence including but not limited to, acts of God, power outages, web site hosting interruptions, software problems or Company termination.

SparkyTags.com will not share any confidential categories of Customer information with anyone unless you have given Us permission to do so. Non-confidential information may be used with discretion on our web site, i.e. testimonials or otherwise informative matter. SparkyTags stands alone, We have no affiliates, partners or any other connections with any other company that may be operating on a similar platform or offering similar services. We will not transmit any credit card information outside of SparkyTags.com systems at any time other than that which includes your payment process.

SparkyTags may use your non-confidential information for inclusion in Our periodic newsletter. If you wish to have your non-confidential information removed from our access list of shared customer information, please send a request, in writing, to SparkyTags, 312 Neuse Forrest Ave, New Bern, NC 28560.

Company Access of Customer Information

You hereby acknowledge that Our employees or assignees may access Your information for the purpose of reporting a lost animal or other services related reasons. We do not keep or store Your credit card information unless otherwise authorized by You.


Before your service expiration, if applicable, We will notify You, by email, asking if you would like to continue service. If We don’t receive a response, your pet protection service will be automatically terminated on the expiration date until You renew. After your service plan fee is charged, no refunds will be applicable. SparkyTags.com does not take returns purchased from any third party or retailers. All Our tags are transferable to anyone else. Transfer of any of Our tags to another pet, except when adopted from a participating Animal Agency, will require a purchase of the current service plan and registration by the new owner. All active LIFE Service Plan accounts are offered FREE replacement tags to include S&H.

Limited Responsibility for Lost and Found Reporting

We do not guarantee that any lost animal will be found or reported. We do not use or employ any service for the purpose of search. No employee of the Company will take any role in the search for any animal. We do not have nor maintain any responsibility in making arrangements for the pick up or return of any animal. Our only responsibility is the maintenance of a web site and database of customer’s contact and pet information, to maintain Our call center for the purpose of receiving reports of lost or found animals and quickly conveying the finder’s contact information to You.


We are not liable for any loss of property, or for the loss of any animal. Customer will hold Company harmless for any damages, real or perceived, incurred by the Customer as a result of owning an animal, or purchasing our tags and services, from the Company. Owning our tags and purchasing Our services is not a guarantee of animal return, safety or health of said animal. You acknowledge that We have absolutely no control, maintain any influence or assume any responsibility for the care of any animal.

We are not an insurance company nor affiliated or claim to be any sort of insurance for animals. We do not offer any sort of insurance coverage for any losses, costs or expenses that may relate to the lost or recovered animal.

Limited Liability

If you do not agree or accept these terms, notify Us immediately to cancel your services. In the event You do not cancel your subscription within 3 business days of activation of Our services it will mean that you agree and accept Our agreement and will be legally binding on You.


Any and all of our service plan(s) (1 year, LIFE, etc.) are nonrefundable. In the unlikely event We cease Our operation in providing Our services, be it as a result of any acquisition, liquidation, bankruptcy or otherwise, any and all prepaid subscriptions will be treated as nonrefundable.

Service credits will not be refunded in cash. We will honor any credits in the form of a service extension for the remaining length of the credit should any interruption in service take place. Any unused service credits will expire upon termination of your services and may not be transferred to another person or services. Our LIFE plan carries no credits.

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